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Unlocking the Bible Codes

"Unlocking the Bible Codes", Version 2, is a powerful program that allows you to search the Hebrew Scriptures for hidden codes without ANY knowledge of Hebrew! Here's how it works: Type the English word you want to find. The program translates the word to Hebrew automatically, then searches and analyzes the Scripture, returning all hidden messages that contain your word. Joseph Noah, the author of Future Prospects of the World According to the Bible Code, asserts that messages were encoded in the Bible to provide people with crucial information about the coming end times. Noah meditates to uncover meaningful search terms, which he then plugs into the software "Unlocking the Bible Codes" created by Doko Media .


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The Bible Codes and Gematria the Gate to Kabbalah

The Keys to the Bible, our best software ever, includes all the features that made Bible Codes 2000 to a world wide success, plus many new, unique, and powerful features that will give you new insights, such as Gematria exegesis by eight different methods including a unique user specified value; Mirror reversed matrixes; specified marked area for automatic statistical analysis; Automatic report generator and Bible chronology; automatically going to the Torah portion of the week; the 613 Torah commandments of Maimonides keyed to the biblical text; verse by verse Torah commentaries by Rashi; the greatest of the medieval exegetes; letter substitution; (Jeremiah's encoding method); and much more. Please see a detailed description in the attached file. The Keys to the Bible includes the 7 different Gematria methods, plus one additional unique method: User Specified Values, found only in The Keys to the Bible. Four free bonuses in the CD:

1  Bible Quiz a family Bible game, ($29.95 value).
2  Bible Screen Saver Slide Show, ($9.95 value).
3  Movie clip presentation of the Bible Codes.
4  Collection of over 100 illustrations of the Bible.
The most complete, advanced, and easy to use computer program designed to
explore the surface of the Bible, and research its depths!