Hayedeh And Elaheh -In Concert

Hayedeh And Elaheh

מחיר המוצר: 48


Genres: Music-Persian-Pop



1Orchestre Bozorg

2Aazaadeh Am - Hayedeh

3Tar Farhang Sharif - Pish Daramad

4Aavaaz Va Taraneh Raftam - Hayedeh

5Sham Va Parvaneh - Elaheh

6Sooz O Saaz - Elaheh

7No Gol - Elaheh

8Orchestre - Saazhaaye Asil

9Orchestre - Taknavazi Setar

10Orchestre - Taknavazi Setar

A first time release of a rare live concert by Hayedeh and Elaheh accompanied by Morteza Hananeh's Orchestra.
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