Teharan 7 A.M

Shahab Razavian

מחיר המוצר: 38


Genres: Film-Persian-Family

Released: 28/09/2003

Cast: Behnaz Jafair, Hassan Moazeni, Reza Khamesh, Parviz Larijani, Mehran Rajabi, Mohammad Hajhosseini, Nazarin Farhani, Javad Khademhoseini.
Runtime: 90 minutes
Type: Philosophical / Social issues /Family


A young policeman operating traffic lights keeps the lights red as long as he can, in order to have more time to study the object of his desire, an actress. But when he expresses his love, there is obviously a large gap between them. In a laboratory for drug control two unpleasant and tyrannical men test the urine of customers, and while they will almost retire, today they are suddenly confronted with the inspection they have feared all their lives. In the busy streets of Tehran a motorcyclist earns his living by giving people lifts on th
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